Sep 30, 2016

Clash Royale Cheat Get Gems Fast

Clash royale cheat level up fast. The faster you level up in cr, the more you can earn, and there are many ways to level up even faster. One of the best ways is to donate cards to clan mates, as donating cards often rewards you varying amounts of EXP depending on the card. It doesn’t matter what they need, simply donate cards to clanmates whenever they need. Continuously doing this assures that you will level up faster, and get even better cards!

Other ways to clash royale gem hack cheat level up fast include upgrading the cards that you DO keep. But to upgrade cards, you have to think about whether or not you use that card often. Gold is limited, so it’s best to consider if a card is worth upgrading, or not. If you do decide to upgrade a card, make sure you realize that not all upgrades are the same. Certain cards are better than others, so certain upgrades are more worth it. Keep and upgrade the cards that will always help you, and donate all other cards to clanmates to earn EXP fast!

Another foolproof way to earn clash royale cheat EXP fast is to do all the achievements you possibly can. Make sure to read achievements and actively try to do them as you go through the game, and you’ll be able to make a lot of EXP, leveling up and unlocking even more ways to earn EXP. Some things to keep in mind, though: Winning or losing matches will not grant you EXP, and as such are pointless in bothering about unless you do them for achievements. Likewise, opening chests, while good for earning cards and gold, will not grant you any EXP, either.